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Skateboard Basics: How to Tip Over Less

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Basic Tips

The hesitation to be in the zone when doing a trick is probably the most common reason why skateboarders fall on their faces while doing a trick. There are plenty of causes and reasonings behind this like a tentative execution because they remember how it hurt the next time. They can also be worried as to what they’re doing while in mid-trick. And then there’s the uncertainty when they think they shouldn’t be doing a trick yet. There are plenty of failures in sports but these are some tips to ensure you stay upright.

Continuous progression is the key when it comes to getting good on a skateboard. Even the smallest tricks that you learn can help add to your overall skill. For example, it would be a good idea to fix a bad ollie. The reason for this is that you can have a painful fall if you do not have a decent ollie. The best way to get it right is to see for yourself how the pros do it.

It would be wise to watch how they move like how low they crouch and how they position their feet. Notice how when they are airborne, they pull back on their knees to make sure the board pops while their shoulders stay level. I try to pop the board very hard. No matter how often I fail at it, I always try to pop as hard as I can.

Sometimes, you will probably lose your way in the middle of a trick. This can happen for a lot of reasons like you can be too focused on the trick. Or maybe you are just trying too hard to beat someone at skating. What you should be doing is trying to break down the trick into steps so that you can later land on it properly. You avoid hurting yourself if you try to avoid a just-do-it style of attitude. Keep doing the trick until you perfect it. Keep on practicing until you get it right.

The next thing you should do is work on your hesitation when you launch. At this point, this is where you can start to fail. Often, you could probably lose your focus or you can be in the middle of overthinking the trick and you end up falling over. The thing that you have to concentrate on is to focus and be optimistic and be sure that you are fully committed to the trick.

It’s a good idea to also get out of the trick early if you think you’ll hurt yourself. This can apply, for example, to go down a hill even if you lack some control. It’s not the best idea. Although to be good, you may have to sometimes fall often until you get used to it. When you lose less, you start to enjoy more.

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